About us


To deliver world-class engineering and consultancy services for the benefit of our clients, shareholders, employees and the communities we work in.



green_abstract_nature_trees_world_birds_earth_simple_green_background_1920x1080_wallpaper_Wallpaper_1920x1080_www.wall321.com To deliver superior value, cost effective and integrated engineering solutions with the latestdesigns in the construction industry. To be the best contractor and employer of choice by safely and consistently delivering successful and innovative projects and services in Nigeria.
We strive to provide Nigerians with modern qualitative dwelling that meets all internationalnorms of construction and provides our clients with a new quality of life. Starondi engineering will be a company that people want to work for, work with and invest in.


our principlesProfessionalism — profound knowledge and teamwork, development of the company and every employee in particular; Decency — self-respect and respect to partners and clients; work according to world standards of business, responsible and accurate performance of duties; Quality — sticking to the highest standards of construction; Clarity — professional planning and timely implementation of the tasks posed; Integrity — achieving the integrity of time and quality; Efficiency — successful implementation of the whole construction works complex and optimal usage of resources.